Formed in 2007, Jasmine Takanikos Consulting Group is a Strategic Branding, Communications, & Marketing Consultancy.

We work with Entrepreneurs & Established Brands to develop strong creative/strategic work. Our approach is to deliver highly personal successful strategies driven by style and substance.  

JTCG believes in the power of becoming an organic part of the consumer's increasingly curated lifestyles. The JTCG community is built by global market makers.  A collaborative, strongly connected community is the backbone of our process, experience, & success. 

We are passionately connected to what they create, to what's working, and what's next.

Our people inspire us daily, and are a vital part our DNA.

More About Jasmine Takanikos

Where are you coming from? Within. - Amber Ibarreche 

"Working with Jasmine has opened my eyes to the importance of working collaboratively on a branding vision. It has been so helpful to have her be a large part in helping sculpt the next part of my brand and business. She is creative, clear in her vision and guidance and professional. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make the next step in refining their brand strategy. "

-Audrey Sterk

"Jasmine has an incredible gift and her value in defining your brand and strategy is simply priceless.  Her heart allows you to open up and explore your greatest potential.  Jasmine has taken my vision of a social cause company and non profit and brought it a life that has exceeded my expectations.  The essence of her work has captured me holistically, authentically and powerfully.  When I am asked about Jasmine- I simply say she is a blessing and I consider it a gift to work with her on such important causes in today’s world."

- Cheryl Pipa

"I was struggling with finding new direction with my photography for several years until finally I decided it was time to get some professional advice. Jasmine was able to see my work in ways I had never noticed and identify common threads that helped me realize that it fit into a broader theme. In doing so I was able to transition into a new direction without loosing track of my vision. She helped me find the confidence to move forward and elevate my work to a level which agencies and brands find more accessible and broadly reaching. Her warmth and enthusiasm goes beyond words and without a doubt I would recommend her to anyone else facing the same creative or professional dilemmas.  "

- Jonathan Mehring

"Jasmine Takanikos is unique in her approach to each person, brand or entity she faces. She systematically and analytically looks at the why or the how and is quick to find alternative solutions. She has boundless energy in going after what those look like, and is constantly pushing herself with you. That momentum, or inertia is something essential to Jas. It's never one sided. She teaches, she inspires, she listens and she connects. It's been simply a pleasure to know her so far, and have her a part of what I do."

- Catherine Micoli