In today’s crowded and fragmented media environment, in order to cut through the noise you first have to define who you are. 

Branding & Marketing Strategist Jasmine Takanikos knows the power of  building a business is about finding your own voice and sharing it with the world.

Jasmine created Brand Human to establish a more genuine approach between offline objectives and online brand identity—a personalized approach that she has developed with clients ranging from global thought leaders & brands to small business owners.

Through thought-provoking lectures, interactive experience based workshops and immersive strategic sessions—including a partnership globally with Soho House —Brand Human invites guests to consider and define their individual goals before cultivating a brand identity. Rather than providing best practices on personal branding to participants, Brand Human asks you to think and feel first.
With strategic guidance from Jasmine Takanikos, Brand Human is a set of personalized tools that will help you connect to and develop your audience, create an online strategy, and build a strong organic community centered around who you are as a human and a brand.  

The Brand Human Principles are constantly evolving and growing based on the real time issues that we face as a collective regarding brand | self integration. 

Had I not created my own world, I would certainly have died in other peoples. - Anais Nin

"Jasmine's course Brand Human was pivotal in helping me address key issues in my life as I was contemplating a career change. She challenged me to think about creating a personal voice and how that voice would differ across various social media platforms. The course dived much deeper as well in getting the students to think about all of the types of media they were consuming and where to start making changes. I'm still in touch with incredible fellow peers that came from such a diverse background of industries. Overall, Jasmine cares deeply for her students and helped me to find confidence in the decisions I was making in my life. I highly recommend her class to anyone ready to create a new chapter in their life."
Trey Shelton//F#

"The Brand Human workshop started a dialog with my team that I didn't even realize we needed to have! The principles may seem straight forward at first, but they linger and stir as they sit with you, causing you to get outside your comfort zone and put yourself out there in a way that is both rewarding for you and meaningful for others. The results can be everything from obvious & efficient to emotional & inspirational. My team really appreciated a third party expert's perspective and it was the push & investment they needed to make some of our long overdue ideas a reality. I highly recommend Brand Human for companies, and humans, of all shapes and sizes."
Dana Siomkos//You-and-Them

"Jasmine's Brand Human presentation is a real life look into the rapidly evolving nature of humans and technology. Personal branding is something that our generation rarely discusses despite churning out thousands of bits of information and self promotion on a constant basis. Jasmine asks us to look thoughtfully through the clutter and what we found was very inspiring."
Jaclyn Johnson//No Subject Los Angeles