Brand Human - Marketing & Branding Package Initial Session

Strategic Marketing, Branding, & Business Development Intensive for high level-high functioning people who seek to create a seamless, integrated optimal relationship to their personal brands both online and offline. The Brand Human Process includes an in-depth analysis of all goals surrounding the brand of self in relationship to your current pain-points, and larger level business objectives.  This session culminates in a strategic brief outlining suggested directives, as well as a list of deliverables both in house and external vendors & costs.  

Examples of strategic brief directives - however all strategies are personalized based on the client socratic questionnaire. 

- Business Development Goals

- Sphere of Influence Engagement & Activation 

- Social Media Network Evaluations- Content Strategy & Direction 

- Personal Website Development, Strategy & Creative Direction 

- Experiential Events & Offline 

- Press Strategy 

- Partnerships & Alignments inclusive of Vendors, Contacts, & Next Steps 

The Session Flow

- JTCG Socratic Questionnaire (JTCG reviews prior to insight session) 

- Initial Insight Session (2hr meeting/In Person or SKYPE) 

- Strategic Brief  (1hr follow up meeting) 

- Follow Up Session/Quarterly (1hr meeting/once for the initial session, hourly rate applies past initial session) 

Package Cost: $3,500

Follow Up Sessions: $300/hour